Monday, May 28, 2012

Beauty and The Beast

     For many students, springtime simply means that school is almost over; however, for the students involved with the musical, springtime means that the fun has just begun!  This year, the cast, crew, and pit members of the musical geared up for their production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.
     For months, those involved in the musical prepared for the much-anticipated production of the famed Disney classic.  Carly Haberman, who was cast as Belle, recalled the amount of time that was spent preparing for the show.
      “Starting at the end of February, we would rehearse after school from 3:00 to around 6:00 every day.  It’s a huge time commitment, but, in the end, it is so worth it,” Haberman said.
      Haberman also commented on playing the coveted role of Belle. 
      “It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite movie growing up,” Haberman said.  “I loved sharing the stage with my best friends, and it was so much fun to get to talk to the little kids after the show.  To them, we weren’t just high school actors—we were the characters.”
     In order to put on the production, countless students, teachers, and parents joined together to contribute their time and talents.
     Theatre student, Abby Leppert, has been involved in the musical for 3 years, and has worked on everything from build crew to lights.
      “I’ve been involved in theatre since I was a freshman,” Leppert said.  “This year for the musical, I was on headset.  My job was to give cues to all of the spotlights throughout the entire show.”
     Although Leppert has been a part of the past three musicals at GLHS, she says that Beauty and the Beast has been the most rewarding of all.
      “Opening night was the best,” Leppert said. “We get so used to seeing the show and running through the cues that it’s not until opening night when you realize that the audience is blown away by the performance. That is when you realize that we pulled it off. We pulled off Disney.
     This years’ production was May 10th through 13th in the high school’s auditorium.  In previous years, the high school has performed four shows over the weekend.  However, due to the production’s popularity, a fifth show was added on Saturday afternoon.  In total, four out of the five shows sold out completely.
     “Beauty and the Beast was such a huge performance this year, it’ll be hard to top!” Haberman said. “It has been such an honor to be a part of the theatre department this year.  It is sad to see everyone’s hard work come to an end, but, at the same time, next year’s show is already in the works, and it’s sure to be just as high-quality as this year’s production.”

Written by Emily Jadwin

A Hero in Gahanna

     GLHS Sophomore, Ryan Manbevers, performed a courageous act in saving the life of a thirteen year old boy on May 8, 2012.
     Manbeverss, working on a normal Thursday at the Wendy’s in downtown Gahanna, selflessly saved a boy, Brandon Cain, who could not swim. The rushing water of the creek in downtown Gahanna pulled Cain down the creek. Without even thinking, Manbevers sprung into action.
     “A lady ran into my work and asked my manager to call the police. I asked where the boy was and ran and saved him” Manbeverss said.
     He put himself in danger to save the life of a little boy that he barely knew. Although most wouldn’t perform such a courageous act, Manbevers felt it was the right thing to do. The boy thirtenne year old boy could have lost his life if Manbevers would not have saved him.
     “He was just at the right place at the right time. I was very proud of him” Manbevers girlfriend, Kelsey Ferguson said.
     Ferguson found out about Manbevers courageous act on the day of the accident. This good news has not just spread around Gahanna, but around the entire city of Columbus.
     “Although I don’t know Ryan, his actions were truly amazing. I wish everyone could be as selfless as him!” junior Haley Bockrath said.
     Manbevers actions are appreciated by not only Cain’s family, but also the entire community of Gahanna.

Written by Morrisa Cohen

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gahanna Springs in Health

     As springtime rolls around, Gahanna Lincoln puts on its 21st annual “Gahanna Springs in Health” Health Fair.  The fair was held on Wednesday, April 25th.
     The health fair was open to GLHS’ students and to the public.  Held in the main gymnasium, the event took place from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.
     This year, the event showcased more than 30 participants from various organizations and health care agencies across Ohio.
     Community vendors included the Mental Health Association of Franklin County, Franklin County Board of Health, Mifflin Township Fire Department, Epilepsy Foundation, Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence, Columbus Cancer Clinic, Columbus Health Department, American Heart Association, Lifeline of Ohio, SARNCO, Mid Ohio District Nurses, Mount Carmel Hospital, Youth to Youth, Gahanna Department of Parks and Recreation, Gahanna Police Department, and American Red Cross.
     Robyn Marowitz, a sophomore at the high school, attended this year’s event.
     “The health fair is quite beneficial because it has interesting booths and student projects that teach students about prevalent health issues. It is effective in relaying important messages to students while, at the same time, still providing a fun experience,” Marowitz said.
     While the multiple community vendors take up a large portion of the fair’s festivities, students also have the opportunity to partake in the event.
     Students who are enrolled in “Health Issues” create tri-fold poster boards to display during the fair, each presenting a unique topic.
     Presentation topics for this year ranged from acne and weight management to cyberbullying and preparing for college. Other topics, such as “portion vs. serving size,” the effects of father absence on teens, the dangers of marijuana, impaired driving, teen stress, sleep deprivation, self-image, interracial relationships, and time management, were also on display.
     As a senior currently taking “Health Issues,” Lauren Blancett had the opportunity to volunteer at this year’s health fair.  Despite the workload, she describes the health fair as “extremely beneficial” to students.
     “I really am grateful for all the agencies who took the time to be a part of out Health Fair… This event can help students become more aware of certain issues that are overlooked (but very common) in teens. Through the health fair, students learn new information and come one step close to being more health conscious,” Blancett said.
     Despite the common-held opinion that the fair is beneficial, students manage to find one flaw
     “If I could change one thing, I would make it two days instead of one, so more people can attend, I just wish it was longer!” Marowitz said.  

Written by Emily Jadwin

State Competition

     Walking past the choir room recently, I have been hearing harmonious tunes coming from the students, they have not just been improving, and they have been preparing for State Competition.
     State competition was for both choir and band this past weekend of April 28th and the 29th. The band performed at Gahanna Lincoln High School while the choir performed at Gahanna Middle School West.
     The students deserve to give themselves a round of applause, Gold and Blue bands both superior ratings while the freshman band received an excellent rating. Meanwhile, the choirs received superior ratings as well.
     It is a challenge going into States not knowing exactly what you are up against, but it is an exciting to see the talents of other young musicians. In interviews with Lauren Nye, Lauren Zappe, and Evan Schrader they felt prepared for the competition, and it sure did pay off.
     Next time you see a GLHS musician congratulate them on their success at States, and let us keep the tradition of “Ones” (superior rating) going next year!

Written by: Lucas Horner

Thursday, April 26, 2012

GLHS Softball

     After a successful 2011 season, the GLHS softball team is working towards an even better season this year. 

     Last year, the softball team ended their season as State Runner-Ups after months of high achievement and determination that lead them to the championship game against Canton Vally Hoover, where they lost 4-2. The GLHS Varsity softball team also ranked 3rd in the OCC. 

     "We had really good chemistry last year. Even though we lost 7 straight games we knew that we had to come back and win it and that is exactly what we did to get to states," senior Sarah Seidel said.  

     After a season of records and high rankings, the team has even higher goals for this year. 

     "Our main goals are to win the OCC and to also win 20 of our games," sophomore Jessica Sparks said. 

     So far, Varsity's record stands at 12-7. Even with some minor setbacks, the team is not going to give up. It is still early in the season with multiple opportunities for accomplishment. 

     "There is some room for improvement, but it is still early in the season," junior center fielder Olivia Schumacher said. 

     The JV Gold team is showing their passion for the game by trying their best to get better and better each game.

     "Our team is doing pretty well this year. I think that we have the ability to do even better. We have a solid team that works together with the drive to win," Sparks said.

     The softball team has many games left in the season to show their ability and make it back to the top. 

     "It is so nice to have peers at the games! Last year we did not have many people come to our games, but since we did so well they are coming out more to support us this year," Seidel said. 

Written by Anna McCloud

A Great Day To Be a Lion

           GLHS celebrated another quarter of student achievement on Friday, April 20th, 2012 at the annual 3rd quarter Renaissance Rally.
            Students who have received platinum, gold, silver, blue, or high five renaissance cards for the 3rd quarter were invited to join the Renaissance action team in a celebration of academic achievement. The weather was nice so this renaissance rally was outside.
            “I had such a great time at the renaissance rally last week. It was fun to be outside and the activities made it a good time in general,” senior Elizabeth Storhaug said.
            Unfortunately, students who do not match the criteria in order to receive a renaissance card are not permitted to go to the renaissance celebration.
            “I was a little let down when I found out I wasn’t invited to the renaissance celebration. It gives me motivation to not be absent as much and get a card next quarter,” junior Kristen Gregory said.
            The renaissance action team works incredibly hard to put together these outstanding celebrations every quarter and to promote academic excellence among the students at GLHS. Students at Lincoln will continue to work hard so that they can enjoy a fun afternoon at the Renaissance Rally.

Students at the Rally
Written by Jenna Rajczyk

GLHS Reflects

Opening up to your peers can be difficult for most High School students, but students in GLHS’s Theatre Appreciation class faced this challenge openly with their Reflections project.
          The mixed class, made up of primarily juniors and seniors, works very hard to create and prepare personal monologues. Theatre teacher, Cynthia Macioce, leads students through the entire process. One major part of the reflections project is to open up to an audience and to learn who you really are.
         “The audience learns a lot about the performer, but more importantly the performer learns a lot about themselves. It is such a learning process for everybody and is one of the most meaningful projects we have done. It opens up my eyes and the audiences eyes about the whole person” Macioce said.
          Students in Theatre Appreciation value the experience and think it is a major part of the class as a whole, as well as the school year. Often times it is hard for teenagers to open up to their peers, but the reflections give the students an open environment to share.
          “I opened myself up to my peers and shared my inner-most thoughts. We said things that caused intense emotion, intense thought, and intense reactions. Every single reflection had an impacting theme to it, and those themes will stay with us while we continue to grow,” junior Alex Dilgard said. 
          Although the Reflections performances are done for the year, next year’s Theatre Appreciation students will have the same experience to open up about themselves to their peers and an audience.
          “Reflections were an amazing experience, not just as a performer, but also as a listener. I hope everyone can be a part of it at some point in their time at GLHS,” Dilgard said.

Written by Morrisa Cohen

Thursday, April 12, 2012

March Madness 2012

     March Madness this year was full of upsets and thrill, as always. Many upsets surprised viewers, causing an interesting tournament.

  • ·         12 VCU beat 5 Wichita State
  • ·         11 Colorado beat 6 UNLV
  • ·         15 Lehigh beat 2 Duke
  • ·         15 Norfolk State beat 2 Missouri
  • ·         13 Ohio beat 4 Michigan
  • ·         12 Southern Florida beat 5 Temple
  • ·         6 Cincinnati beat 3 Florida State
  • ·         11 North Carolina State beat 3 Georgetown

     A lot of GLHS students and staff members had Ohio University beating Michigan in the first round of their bracket due to one of their players, Stevie Taylor, who is a Gahanna grad.

     This year’s championship game was against #1 ranked Kentucky and #2 ranked Kansas. The final score of the championship game as Kentucky 67-59. 

Written By Morrisa Cohen

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie

     Raking over $400,000 worldwide and challenging Twilight and Harry Potter for box office records, The Hunger Games was an immediate sensation.
      Fans of the books and non-readers alike enjoyed the exciting story of Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, fighting for her life and for the honor of District 12.
     The premise of the book is that 24 teenage participants are forced to fight to the death while the citizens of Panem are required to watch. The Capitol has imposed this punishment as a reminder of their complete control over the people following a crushed rebellion that ended in the demolition District 13.
     Senior Anna Woodruff recommends seeing the movie, even for those who have not read the books.
     “It is still a good entertaining and quality movie,” Woodruff said. “I think they did a good job with the movie. The difference is all the books are from Katniss's point of view, so you miss some things that really made the book awesome. Things like relationship development and whatnot.”
Junior Stephanie McCann, who has already seen it in theatres twice, agrees that the film is worthwhile. 
     “I think the film adaptation of the book was really well done. The film did a good job of capturing the overall mood of the book. I saw it the day it came out and again a few days later. The book version of any story will always be better than the film adaptation.”
     Part of the excitement of this movie, especially for girls, is watching Katniss’s love life unfold. Hollywood hunks Liam Hensworth and Josh Hutcherson play Katniss’s love interests, Gale and Peeta, respectively. Both McCann and Woodruff root for Peeta.
     “My favorite scene was the riot scene in District 11. I was really glad that they showed that the people were beginning to turn against the Capital. My favorite aspect of the movie is how it ‘watches.’ It has a lot of ‘indie’ film qualities that makes it feel like a much more intimate experience and less like a beginning to another crazed book and movie franchise,” McCann said.
     Though The Hunger Games will soon leave theatres, fans can look forward to the sequel to the film, Catching Fire, which will be filmed in the fall.

Written by Angie Stewart

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Baseball Trip

     The Gahanna Boys baseball team dedicated their Spring Break to get their season off on an early start.

     Through the long winter months, students begin a countdown for the long awaited Spring Break.  This year the baseball team gave up their week off school to playing baseball.

     The boys headed down to Vero beach, Florida in hopes of bringing the team closer together and coming home with some wins to add to their season.

     “We went 4-2, which is pretty good for having a conceivably 'young' team per say. We competed in every game and never gave up,” junior Alec Tuohy said.

     Not only did the team play in six games, but they also had hitting practice each night to prepare for any differences in competition and for their season as a whole.

     “The pitching was the biggest different in competition, that and everyone can play defense. It was not something that surprised us at all. We are playing against the best that each school has to offer and that’s to be expected. I think that we were prepared very well for the change and it showed with our record,” Tuohy explained.

     Even though there were countless hours of baseball, the team still had time to enjoy the beach and relax.

     “When we were not playing, we would normally hang out in our rooms with the team, go and get lunch with our parents, or go to the pool,” junior Dakota Cararo said.

     After a week of baseball games, the boys got a chance to go to the beach before heading back home.

     “The last day at Vero Beach was awesome. We all played shuffleboard and went down on the beach as a team. It was just a good bonding day,” junior Shawn Martin said.

     The trip started out the season, brought the team closer together, and allowed for a great Spring Break.

     “The best part was getting to spend a whole week with the kids on the team and also getting to play against teams from all over,” Cararo said.

     Not many school teams get the opportunity to travel so far together for a week’s time. The trip was also beneficial for the Gahanna Athletics program as the team showcased the schools baseball talents out of central Ohio.

     “Traveling with the team is a great experience because we get to leave our home and get out of our comfort zone and just play baseball together with nothing else to worry about,” Martin said. 

Written by Anna McCloud

Friday, March 23, 2012

Improving Economy

     Since the economic crisis of 2008, many people have been pinching their pennies and throwing out the phrase, “these tough economic times” nonchalantly when, actually, the economy is not half bad right now.
     For those who avidly watch the stocks, the improving economy can easily be seen there.  Recently, NASDAQ, the American stock exchange market, recently broke a record high of 13000.  This means that stock trading and selling has led to a value of over $13,000.  This has given an unprecedented value to our stock market.
     For those who are seeking jobs, the improving economy can be seen in the availability of jobs and employers’ readiness to hire.  Unemployment rates have fallen from 10% in 2009 to 7.8% currently. 
     For those who may be interested in real-estate, the improving economy can be seen with the recovery of the housing bubble.  Real-estate is one of the first marks of a falling or rising economy; currently, the number of building permits have rose, as have the number of houses being bought and sold.  This shows how consumers are feeling confident enough with their dollar to spend it on long-term items such as houses. 
     Signs of the improving economy can be seen everywhere; people may need to just pause and take notice.

Written by Ali McCatheren

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Varsity Varieties 2012

      Gahanna Lincoln High School is made up of a large and diverse student body with many different athletic teams and clubs. Behind all of the faces you may see walking down the hallway, many students have extraordinary talents that are meant to be shown. Varsity Varieties 2012 shows the talents of Gahanna Lincoln High School.
      Varsity Varieties is one of the three largest productions performed every year at GLHS. Students audition their talent for the three directors of the show, Mrs. Macioce, Mr. Linerode, and Mr. Gregory. After the audition process, practices begin and their talents are eventually shown in a tremendous show. The show features students singing, acting, dancing, playing an instrument, and more.
            Students of all grades were involved in Varsity Varieties 2012.  Some of the freshmen included dances from Allison Matney and Kari Brown and singing from Paula Shtein. Sophomores included singers Hannah Rossio, Carly Whipple, Dounia Petunia, Mackenzie Karl, Christian Schafer, and more. Lindsay McIlwain, Julia Wolfson, and Erin Donohue were some juniors in the show. All of Performance Studio 2012, Audrey Rice, and Evan Taylor were some seniors in the show. Jalen Carter, Courtney Katzmeyer, Tyler Albrecht, Cody Troyan, Caelan Ecos, Stephanie Belz, and Sarah Kahler were all emcees of the production.
            Varsity Varieties touched the crowd once again with an outstanding production. Audiences of each performance only commented on the incredible acts, amazing affects, and total diversity of the show. Varsity Varieties 2012 was most definitely a hit.
Above: The emcees for Varsity Varieties 2012

Written by Jenna Rajcyk

Sunday, March 18, 2012

GLHS Lady Lions Basketball Team

     Sweet victory. The taste of knowing when all your hard work has paid off and not only have you won the game, you beat your rivals.  This only happens once in a blue moon, but for Gahanna Lincoln’s girl basketball team, it happened Saturday March 3rd.
     As Pickerington North has been Districts champs for the past twenty-three years, the Lady Lions were able to sweep them off their feet and knock them to the ground winning the game with 63 points (North had 46).
     Now now, I know we are always taught never to boast about accomplishments and never be a sore winner; but come on, it’s hard not to be excited. Not only did the Lady Lions beat them in Districts, they broke their eight game loosing streak to North.
     Coach Hauser said how Queirra Lampkins and Maddison Blackwell played as close to perfect games as they come and with Chrishna Butler defending North’s best player, limiting her goal to a mere one point throughout the game. Priceless.
     Although key players are graduating this year, Hauser sees potential in upcoming seasons with the younger players. Let’s not let the win against north be a fluke, let’s make it a tradition. 

Written by Lucas Horner

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Academy Award Nominees

Come February 26th, all film fanatics will have their tv’s tuned into watching the 84th Academy Awards this year.  Not familiar with the nominees?  Well, take a look!

For Best Picture:
·         Hugo
·         Midnight in Paris
·         Moneyball
·         The Tree of Life
·         War Horse
·         The Artist
·         The Descendants
·         Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
·         The Help

For Best Actor in a Leading Role:
    ·         Demain Bichir (A Better Life)
    ·         George Clooney (The Descendants)
    ·         Jean Dujardin (The Artist)
    ·         Gary Oldman (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)
    ·         Brad Pitt (Moneyball)

For Best Actress in a Leading Role:
·         Glenn Close (Albert Nobbs)
·         Viola Davis (The Help)
·         Rooney Mara (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
·         Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady)
·         Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn)

For Best Animated Feature Film:
       ·         A Cat in Pairs
       ·         Chico & Rita
       ·         Kung Fu Panda 2
       ·         Puss in Boots
        ·         Rango

For Best Cinematography:
·         The Artist
·         The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
·         Hugo
·         The Tree of Life
·         War Horse

Which of your favorite films will win?  Tune into ABC on Sunday, Feb. 26, at 7 p.m.

Compiled by Ali McCathern 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Google +

Google +, the latest addition to the social networking phenomenon, incorporates many qualities of the ever-so-popular Facebook. Like Facebook, it includes notifications (when someone shares a post with you) and allows users to post updates. On Google +, however, these posts may be edited after they have been published. Google + also features a Stream much like Facebook’s Newsfeed. The Stream includes what appear to be status updates from the people in your circle. The user-friendly interface of Google + also makes it more convenient to share updates with only certain people. Instead of “liking” a post, users click the trademark “+1” button. And instead of adding other users as friends, users add people to their circles. 
Though Google + is similar to Facebook, it has several distinguishing features:

Circles. These allow you to put people into separate groups, making it convenient to share certain things with only certain groups.

Hangouts. These are video chats between a user and people in his/her circle. You may choose to allow other users to view and join the hangouts.

Instant Upload. This feature uploads photos taken from your phone directly to Google Plus, where you then decide who to share them with.

Sparks. A search engine that suggests categories or people based on your interests.

Huddle. Turns group texting into one convenient chat—everyone shares the same page and conversation at once.

For prospective users, Google + has created a helpful tour of the site that debriefs every important feature with interactive diagrams. 

 Article compiled by: Angie Stewart