Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Great Day To Be a Lion

           GLHS celebrated another quarter of student achievement on Friday, April 20th, 2012 at the annual 3rd quarter Renaissance Rally.
            Students who have received platinum, gold, silver, blue, or high five renaissance cards for the 3rd quarter were invited to join the Renaissance action team in a celebration of academic achievement. The weather was nice so this renaissance rally was outside.
            “I had such a great time at the renaissance rally last week. It was fun to be outside and the activities made it a good time in general,” senior Elizabeth Storhaug said.
            Unfortunately, students who do not match the criteria in order to receive a renaissance card are not permitted to go to the renaissance celebration.
            “I was a little let down when I found out I wasn’t invited to the renaissance celebration. It gives me motivation to not be absent as much and get a card next quarter,” junior Kristen Gregory said.
            The renaissance action team works incredibly hard to put together these outstanding celebrations every quarter and to promote academic excellence among the students at GLHS. Students at Lincoln will continue to work hard so that they can enjoy a fun afternoon at the Renaissance Rally.

Students at the Rally
Written by Jenna Rajczyk

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