Thursday, April 26, 2012

GLHS Reflects

Opening up to your peers can be difficult for most High School students, but students in GLHS’s Theatre Appreciation class faced this challenge openly with their Reflections project.
          The mixed class, made up of primarily juniors and seniors, works very hard to create and prepare personal monologues. Theatre teacher, Cynthia Macioce, leads students through the entire process. One major part of the reflections project is to open up to an audience and to learn who you really are.
         “The audience learns a lot about the performer, but more importantly the performer learns a lot about themselves. It is such a learning process for everybody and is one of the most meaningful projects we have done. It opens up my eyes and the audiences eyes about the whole person” Macioce said.
          Students in Theatre Appreciation value the experience and think it is a major part of the class as a whole, as well as the school year. Often times it is hard for teenagers to open up to their peers, but the reflections give the students an open environment to share.
          “I opened myself up to my peers and shared my inner-most thoughts. We said things that caused intense emotion, intense thought, and intense reactions. Every single reflection had an impacting theme to it, and those themes will stay with us while we continue to grow,” junior Alex Dilgard said. 
          Although the Reflections performances are done for the year, next year’s Theatre Appreciation students will have the same experience to open up about themselves to their peers and an audience.
          “Reflections were an amazing experience, not just as a performer, but also as a listener. I hope everyone can be a part of it at some point in their time at GLHS,” Dilgard said.

Written by Morrisa Cohen

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