Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Baseball Trip

     The Gahanna Boys baseball team dedicated their Spring Break to get their season off on an early start.

     Through the long winter months, students begin a countdown for the long awaited Spring Break.  This year the baseball team gave up their week off school to playing baseball.

     The boys headed down to Vero beach, Florida in hopes of bringing the team closer together and coming home with some wins to add to their season.

     “We went 4-2, which is pretty good for having a conceivably 'young' team per say. We competed in every game and never gave up,” junior Alec Tuohy said.

     Not only did the team play in six games, but they also had hitting practice each night to prepare for any differences in competition and for their season as a whole.

     “The pitching was the biggest different in competition, that and everyone can play defense. It was not something that surprised us at all. We are playing against the best that each school has to offer and that’s to be expected. I think that we were prepared very well for the change and it showed with our record,” Tuohy explained.

     Even though there were countless hours of baseball, the team still had time to enjoy the beach and relax.

     “When we were not playing, we would normally hang out in our rooms with the team, go and get lunch with our parents, or go to the pool,” junior Dakota Cararo said.

     After a week of baseball games, the boys got a chance to go to the beach before heading back home.

     “The last day at Vero Beach was awesome. We all played shuffleboard and went down on the beach as a team. It was just a good bonding day,” junior Shawn Martin said.

     The trip started out the season, brought the team closer together, and allowed for a great Spring Break.

     “The best part was getting to spend a whole week with the kids on the team and also getting to play against teams from all over,” Cararo said.

     Not many school teams get the opportunity to travel so far together for a week’s time. The trip was also beneficial for the Gahanna Athletics program as the team showcased the schools baseball talents out of central Ohio.

     “Traveling with the team is a great experience because we get to leave our home and get out of our comfort zone and just play baseball together with nothing else to worry about,” Martin said. 

Written by Anna McCloud

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