Sunday, March 18, 2012

GLHS Lady Lions Basketball Team

     Sweet victory. The taste of knowing when all your hard work has paid off and not only have you won the game, you beat your rivals.  This only happens once in a blue moon, but for Gahanna Lincoln’s girl basketball team, it happened Saturday March 3rd.
     As Pickerington North has been Districts champs for the past twenty-three years, the Lady Lions were able to sweep them off their feet and knock them to the ground winning the game with 63 points (North had 46).
     Now now, I know we are always taught never to boast about accomplishments and never be a sore winner; but come on, it’s hard not to be excited. Not only did the Lady Lions beat them in Districts, they broke their eight game loosing streak to North.
     Coach Hauser said how Queirra Lampkins and Maddison Blackwell played as close to perfect games as they come and with Chrishna Butler defending North’s best player, limiting her goal to a mere one point throughout the game. Priceless.
     Although key players are graduating this year, Hauser sees potential in upcoming seasons with the younger players. Let’s not let the win against north be a fluke, let’s make it a tradition. 

Written by Lucas Horner

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