Thursday, February 16, 2012

Google +

Google +, the latest addition to the social networking phenomenon, incorporates many qualities of the ever-so-popular Facebook. Like Facebook, it includes notifications (when someone shares a post with you) and allows users to post updates. On Google +, however, these posts may be edited after they have been published. Google + also features a Stream much like Facebook’s Newsfeed. The Stream includes what appear to be status updates from the people in your circle. The user-friendly interface of Google + also makes it more convenient to share updates with only certain people. Instead of “liking” a post, users click the trademark “+1” button. And instead of adding other users as friends, users add people to their circles. 
Though Google + is similar to Facebook, it has several distinguishing features:

Circles. These allow you to put people into separate groups, making it convenient to share certain things with only certain groups.

Hangouts. These are video chats between a user and people in his/her circle. You may choose to allow other users to view and join the hangouts.

Instant Upload. This feature uploads photos taken from your phone directly to Google Plus, where you then decide who to share them with.

Sparks. A search engine that suggests categories or people based on your interests.

Huddle. Turns group texting into one convenient chat—everyone shares the same page and conversation at once.

For prospective users, Google + has created a helpful tour of the site that debriefs every important feature with interactive diagrams. 

 Article compiled by: Angie Stewart

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