Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

The sweat collects on your eyebrow and your heart races as the anticipation builds inside of you. This is no ordinary feeling; it’s the feeling you get during an excruciating close Superbowl.
            Ah Superbowl Sunday, all the grocery stores are cleared out of meat, chips, and pop; and electronic stores are wiped out of their most expensive televisions. Just for one game. This year, it was a good one. 
            There was nothing ordinary about Sunday in Indianapolis, it was Superbowl Sunday and this year, it was being hosted in there own Lucas Oil Stadium. As transients hustle and bustled about, they all were there to gather for the XVI Superbowl.
            The competitors: New York Giants and New England Patriots. Looking at their team’s history, both teams have a record of winning three Superbowls.
But if their 2011-2012 season were an indication of Sunday night’s performance, one would think the Giants would have lost. They only won a mere nine games losing seven, making it to the playoffs by the seams of their pants.
On the other hand, the Patriots won 13 games and only lost three.
The final score was Giants: 21-Patriots: 17. It is a bitter, bitter moment in Massachusetts right now, and at the same time a celebratory one in New York.

- Article compiled by: Lucas Horner 

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