Tuesday, December 13, 2011

GLHS Renaissance Rally Teacher Flash Mob


          The first quarter renaissance rally was a blast with games and competitions pertaining to the theme of “I Know What You Did Last Quarter.” Suddenly, during the middle of the celebration, teachers broke out into a flash-mob, surprising the entire student body.

 “I thought the flash-mob was pretty cool, my friends and I had fun watching it and I think it really got a lot of people’s attention. I really thought it added to the spirit in the rally!”

 -Abby Mauger, Freshman

“I was very surprised by the flash-mob and thought it was hilarious! It definitely made the rally more interesting and I was very surprised by some of the teachers.”

-Emily Kingsley, Sophomore

 “My first reaction to it was speechless and I was asking myself, where and when were they able to practice all of these transitions and dance moves? I really think people will remember them dancing and make the rally memorable”

-Nicko Poulias, Junior

 “My first reaction was, oh this is gonna be interesting, the teachers are gonna do a dance! As more and more teachers came out I realized what was going on. I though the high participation of the staff showed a lot of school spirit, you could tell they put a lot of work into this dance. Students will be more observant at the next rally, waiting for some sort of surprise.”
                                                                                                -Evan Moreland, Senior

View the Teacher Flash Mob video here!

- Article compiled by Morissa Cohen, reporter

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