Monday, December 5, 2011

Favorite English Books

To some students at GLHS, receiving a mandatory English reading assignment simply means “Spark-noting” and skimming the pages of the entire novel, rather than actually reading the book.  However, to other students at the school, reading high school-required novels is not as boring as you might think.  Whether you are a senior, junior, sophomore or freshman, chances are that you have – or you will – come across a required reading book that is on a subject you can relate to.

“I was assigned to read Fast Food Nation over the summer for AP Language and Composition.  I really liked it because it opened my eyes to a side of fast food that is really disturbing, but no one really sees.  I really learned a lot from this book.” –Alex Howell, Senior

“My all time favorite book was during sophomore year when we read Me and Orson Welles. I found it more relatable than most high school books, and it was just an interesting story.  Plus, I’m a huge theatre and band nerd, and, in the novel, so is the main character, which is awesome!” -Justin Jordan, Junior

“I really liked The House on Mango Street which we read during freshman year.  It was, in my opinion, a lot different than the other books we have read.  It was based on a true story and I liked that the book was made of different memories throughout the [main character’s] life,” said Alex Hack, Sophomore

“My favorite book to read this year was Julius Caesar because it was both interesting and astonishing.  I loved how it was based off of history and how the story had such a strong meaning.” –Estifanos Yohannes, Sophomore

“So far this year, I have really enjoyed reading The Crucible.  The main reason it held my interest was the fact that it had some historical significance to it.  Knowing that these events actually happened in real life made it seem like the story was more important.” –Stephanie McCann, Junior

One of my favorite books was Marley and Me because it was different from the usual books we were assigned to read. It was for journalism class so it had a different style of writing. It was humorous and was about an adorable puppy, so I liked it!” –Lara Wurster, Senior

-Article compiled by Emily Jadwin, reporter

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