Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gahanna Springs in Health

     As springtime rolls around, Gahanna Lincoln puts on its 21st annual “Gahanna Springs in Health” Health Fair.  The fair was held on Wednesday, April 25th.
     The health fair was open to GLHS’ students and to the public.  Held in the main gymnasium, the event took place from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.
     This year, the event showcased more than 30 participants from various organizations and health care agencies across Ohio.
     Community vendors included the Mental Health Association of Franklin County, Franklin County Board of Health, Mifflin Township Fire Department, Epilepsy Foundation, Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence, Columbus Cancer Clinic, Columbus Health Department, American Heart Association, Lifeline of Ohio, SARNCO, Mid Ohio District Nurses, Mount Carmel Hospital, Youth to Youth, Gahanna Department of Parks and Recreation, Gahanna Police Department, and American Red Cross.
     Robyn Marowitz, a sophomore at the high school, attended this year’s event.
     “The health fair is quite beneficial because it has interesting booths and student projects that teach students about prevalent health issues. It is effective in relaying important messages to students while, at the same time, still providing a fun experience,” Marowitz said.
     While the multiple community vendors take up a large portion of the fair’s festivities, students also have the opportunity to partake in the event.
     Students who are enrolled in “Health Issues” create tri-fold poster boards to display during the fair, each presenting a unique topic.
     Presentation topics for this year ranged from acne and weight management to cyberbullying and preparing for college. Other topics, such as “portion vs. serving size,” the effects of father absence on teens, the dangers of marijuana, impaired driving, teen stress, sleep deprivation, self-image, interracial relationships, and time management, were also on display.
     As a senior currently taking “Health Issues,” Lauren Blancett had the opportunity to volunteer at this year’s health fair.  Despite the workload, she describes the health fair as “extremely beneficial” to students.
     “I really am grateful for all the agencies who took the time to be a part of out Health Fair… This event can help students become more aware of certain issues that are overlooked (but very common) in teens. Through the health fair, students learn new information and come one step close to being more health conscious,” Blancett said.
     Despite the common-held opinion that the fair is beneficial, students manage to find one flaw
     “If I could change one thing, I would make it two days instead of one, so more people can attend, I just wish it was longer!” Marowitz said.  

Written by Emily Jadwin

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