Thursday, May 3, 2012

State Competition

     Walking past the choir room recently, I have been hearing harmonious tunes coming from the students, they have not just been improving, and they have been preparing for State Competition.
     State competition was for both choir and band this past weekend of April 28th and the 29th. The band performed at Gahanna Lincoln High School while the choir performed at Gahanna Middle School West.
     The students deserve to give themselves a round of applause, Gold and Blue bands both superior ratings while the freshman band received an excellent rating. Meanwhile, the choirs received superior ratings as well.
     It is a challenge going into States not knowing exactly what you are up against, but it is an exciting to see the talents of other young musicians. In interviews with Lauren Nye, Lauren Zappe, and Evan Schrader they felt prepared for the competition, and it sure did pay off.
     Next time you see a GLHS musician congratulate them on their success at States, and let us keep the tradition of “Ones” (superior rating) going next year!

Written by: Lucas Horner

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