Monday, October 3, 2011

Why do staff love GLHS?

          GLHS offers numerous opportunities for students to pursue any interest or activity imaginable, whether it be a sport, hobby, interest, or academic class.  But what about the teachers, administrators and faculty members who contribute so much to our school’s success?  Besides the bright and shining faces of its students, what do staff members love most about Gahanna Lincoln High School?

“I love the fact that we are a single school for a single community.  It pulls the community together, and gives it a sense of unity.  The diversity of the school gives a good taste of what is to come at college.” – Amy Carter, Attendance

“The Speech and Debate Team and the interactions of the kids, as well as the opportunities the program provides for students, are the best part about GLHS.” –Lyle Linerode, Speech

“GLHS has so much to offer for everyone. There is literally a club for every interest, whether that is Anime Club, Gamers Club, Writing Club, or something else.  Other schools don't offer as many programs as we do.  ” -Kimberly Thomas, Math

"After 31 years of teaching at GLHS, I would say that the most enjoyable part is the support of the families of our students.  [The families] understand the importance of school and classes, in particular, health class.  Health is a topic that is frequently changing.  Twenty years ago, I would have never thought that I would be discussing sensitive issues that affect people's lives." -Linda Shannon. Health

"I most love the school climate, the diversity, and the staff and students.  I also have a sense of comfort at GLHS because I attended school here when I was in high school." -Ann Gleek, Librarian and Media Specialist

"Gahanna Lincoln is unlike any school at which I had previously taught. Its forward-thinking innovations and ideas are modernizing the way students learn information.   But, the best quality about the school is its positive and encouraging climate, which effectively makes GLHS a great place to learn and grow." -Kevin Dengel, Orchestra

- Article compiled by Emily Jadwin

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