Thursday, September 29, 2011

What do students love about GLHS?

              Gahanna Lincoln High School is filled with students, staff, and faculty who come together to form a community. This community provides education and an incredible environment for everyone to have a positive experience in. Receiving feedback from students, we found out why they love GLHS.

            “I love that I get to meet so many new people and make a lot of new friends! I also love the many choices we have of extra curricular activities, clubs, sports, and study sessions.”
                                                                                              - Taylor McIlwain, freshmen

            “Although GLHS is a big school, it allows you to meet so many new people and there are a countless number of opportunities. I also love how so many people can come together and be unified whether it’s the student section at the football games or being there for each other as support to overcome the difficult times.”
                                                                                                  - Mary Alexander, sophomore

            “GLHS has provided such a comfortable environment for me. I enjoy the people and the culture here at Gahanna.  I would never want to go to another high school and am so happy about all of the memories I have made here.”
                                                                                                 - Joy Okeke, junior

            “One thing I like about GLHS is the wide range of opportunities I have as an individual amongst the student body. Opportunities such as sports, clubs, will help further my understanding of what it is to be a true academic scholar.”
                                                                                                  - Dre Johnson, senior

-Blog story compiled by: Jenna Rajczyk

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