Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Staffulty Spotlight: Ms. Amber Stevens

Ms. Stevens is the freshmen attendance secretary. Staffulty, like Ms. Stevens, contribute so much to GLHS that we thought they deserve a feature. Here we ask about a few of her hobbies and interests.

Tackach: Tell me about yourself.
Stevens: I enjoy reading, I journal, and I am obsessed with the ID channel.
Takach: What is your favorite book?
Stevens: Redemption of Love by Francie Rivers.

Tackach: How long have you been working at GLHS?
Stevens: Four years.

Tackach: What do you like best about working at GLHS?
Stevens: My relationships with the students.
Tackach: Do you have any fond memories of working at GLHS?
Stevens: Last year, when I had my first full year class, those freshmen graduated last year. So to watch them grow from being freshmen to watching them graduate, or to see someone that was struggling at first or might have had behavior issues and it finally click for them.

Tackach: What is your favorite part about the new freshman office?
Stevens: It’s doing the same job, but it seems completely different. Although I’m still doing the same discipline, attendance and telephones, it’s a different vibe. I’m able to focus more on the project things I do like link crew and renaissance, and I don’t have to do as much multitasking because the phones down here are not as busy as up there, so I’m able to provide more support to the principal and our system principals.

Compiled by Malerie Takach

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